Announcing: Tribes of Euna! New Expansion Set!

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Announcing: Tribes of Euna! New Expansion Set!

Announcing ‘Tribes of Euna’, the next expansion set for Kingdoms CCG!

Tribes is a tribal themed set (of course!) and the first set fully designed for drafting! It is also the largest set released to date! With more focus on inter-kingdom strategies, further use of the “When set to defend mode” mechanic and for the first time ever Kingdom aligned Rune-words, Tribes is sure to shake up every aspect of the game!

Tribal Themes:
Humans, Zombies, Elves and Fae, the tribes of Euna have come together to fight for their kingdoms. Working as an army, even the seemingly weakest of warriors can come together to take down a much more powerful foe. Build your deck focused around creature subtypes to unlock the full potential of creatures and spells.

When Set to Defend Mode:
First seen on Hired Shield in Rise and more recently on Shadowsill Assassin in the Unaligned Arsenal, these cards were a new spin on a deep seeded mechanic within kingdoms. Tribes will see more creatures that explore this mechanic even further.

Kingdom Aligned Rune-Words:
Back in our Halloween Bundle Unaligned saw its first spells with Trick and Treat. Now each kingdom is encroaching on territory once held only by the Unaligned. What mastery over Rune-Words has each kingdom developed? Stay tuned to our spoilers starting Monday to find out!

Alternate Win Conditions:
Also new to the set is a focus on Alternate Win Conditions. What does that mean exactly? Stay tuned to the spoilers to find out!

Card Breakdown:

  • 198 cards
  • 59 Common
  • 60 Uncommon
  • 53 Rare
  • 21 Epic
  • 5 Legendary

Release and Pre-release details:
Tribes will be released on June 27th with the pre-release starting on June 20th server time. Upon launching Tribes will only be available in packs for 20 Gems each (59 for three packs, 179 for ten with a guaranteed epic). Packs can also be won in Credit Tournaments after the pre-release week.

Any cards bought during the pre-release week can be used in any area of the game! Tribes cards will not be available in the dynamic market at release.

During the pre-release week Tribes Sealed events will show up as credit tournaments costing 1 TC with the option to keep the cards for 160 Gems. There will be no prizes for these events. As always, our LE Pre-Sale bundles will be available during this week as well! The bundle has been updated to match our new pricing model.

The LE Presale bundle will contain:

  • 4 "Tribes" Commons
  • 4 "Tribes" Uncommons
  • 3 "Tribes" Rares
  • 1 "Tribes" Epic with a 1 in 10 chance to be a Legendary!
  • Plus a free Tournament Credit!

All cards in the presale bundle will come with the Limited Edition Gold Text and will cost 99 Gems.

To start off the spoilers, take a look below!

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Wow, VERY cool stuff. And uh, post more black and white sketches - even of existing art work, that is cool stuff to see (especially if there's changes to the final product).

And of course I'm going on vacation the week after this launches.


I have a question.. are the commons/uncommons/rares/epic/legend you get in the bundle random?

Jeffo's picture

You got it. Its pretty much an over-sized special pack :)


I like everything I've read. Nice to see they wont be added straight into the singles/dynamic market. Current cards look great, although if Myriad is going to cost 7 I'd give it some sort of boost. Looking forward to this set more than I was about rise.

*Edit* It does have resist but I'd still prefer my 2/3 with 1 resist 4 mana rare from rise unless Dryads aren't just mystical.

tridon777's picture

Its pretty powerful man. Its a 2/3 but it creates a 1/2 dyrad w/dust that instantly becomes a 2/3 due to passive buff. Also if you buff myriad and keep it alive youve got 2/3 dyrads w/dust in every lane hitting your opp.

Dr.Bojangles's picture

Sweet stuff. Vote for best tribes epic. I say soul grinder.


Of course you do, he's a zombie :P


It's got to be Master Tutor e7, got to be, running that with small creatures that can buff it like priestess of war with added buff, nice!

MattiasGrendelson's picture

Rolling Fire looks pretty sweet to a Jorma fiend

Viebator's picture

Master Tutor

DesertStar27's picture

Scrapheap O' War out of these six. . . You guys have no idea how awesome it can be. But none of these are the best epic by far . . . =)


very very sweet..... cant wait to see the commons/uncommons and rares.... and 5 legendaries?! Very nice indeed!


Looks fun. Spoilers are always great, heh.

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Having played some of these, I'd say Myriad of Dryads and Scrapheap of war are by FAR the best of these spoilers.


Really? From a glance I'd assume tutor and fires would be seeing play before dryads would but hey, maybe some of the rest of the set has something to figure into that.

Viebator's picture

Myriad is not all that different from Illusionist for almost double the cost. Scrapheap is indeed awesome, but needs basically the whole deck to support that one card (playset of that one card). Master Tutor on the other hand fits almost everywhere, is extremely versatile, good on his own, 2/3 armor great body and if you play him in one turn with another critter, you are safe already.

So if I could pick one of these six for my collection, it would be Master Tutor for sure.

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Scrapheap o' war is so powerful. Jeffo managed to draft one of these in a construct themed deck one time and absolutely crushed me. It just gets SO difficult to deal with SO quickly.

Love it =)


When will there be the possibility of buying the set with golds?

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Master tutor and the dryad seem really cool. The dryad is a bit overpriced for most decks, but in Petrice/Belnir decks they could be pretty fun (inf you ever manage to summon it without using swap). Scrapheap is also a must have.
But I must say I can't wait to see the uncommons and common cards.

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>Implying Mystical, out of all kingdoms, can´t hardcast a 7 mana creature

Also, let me just add that unlike Illusionist, this can be played in a side lane, buff non-token Dryads, and if not dealt with organically she´ll just keep spewing out spirits (She can´t even be Abysmal´d!)


Guys believes me, 4x rolling fire will be the new base for a jorma deck! And i think it's the better card because you need a less specific deck than the other cards.

Grrwaaa's picture

Rolling Fire is strong, and it harkens back to the old WW (a conditional 3/3 haste... this is a conditional 3/4 for 1 mana more.) Having tested it quite a bit, It didn't stand up to other tribe combo decks. Its a good card, and initially I had it pegged as too good, but now I think its in the right spot. Only time in the live meta will show whether that is true or not.

Dr.Bojangles's picture

Having worked with zombie decks for a while now i can say that its not an easy thing to keep 3 creatures on the field.

Viebator's picture

I agree with e7 here, this mechanics is unforgiving and it push you to overextend. E7 knows that mechanic from his Zombie Lords and I have live experience with Realm-Sworn Guards... Refering to Rolling Fire as 3/4 creature is a wishful thinking. One board sweep and you will draw 1/2 for 3 mana.

Also in KCCG you mostly want only 2 creatures anyway so you can move stuff around. Clogging your board is never a good thing...


Although this is kind of off topic, I find this is the best place to post as it is related to what I want to ask: What will happen to the Precious Ring, since the Rotating Arena will be replaced with the Beginner Arena?

Dr.Bojangles's picture

Good question. I'm sure they will add some new way to unlock ring.


whats the rate of pulling legendary from 10X packs?
9*0.5%(or 1%?)+10%(or 20% oe even 30%?)
i want to make sure if its worth to buy Presale bundle.


I did calculations based on my best guess that 1 in 5 Epic+ is a legend (so 1% of legend in a normal pack, 20% in the guaranteed epic+ pack).

Based on those calculations, which is better depends on how high you value epics, and whether you prefer epics or legendaries.

If you value the average epic at 100 gems, and the average legend at 400 gems, you are close to breaking even between the 2 choices. After buying 9 boxes, you'd end up with 1.1 more legends on average, after buying 18 pre-sale bundles, you'd end up with 4.6 more epics.

The other benefit to boxes is you'd get more crafting stones (I included essences and extra scrapping in my calculations).

Here's a breakdown of what you get with each option, at a break even point (1800 gems)

10 boxes =
2.9 legends
11.6 epics
85.5 rares
200 uncommons
400 commons
estimated 600 bonus essence (6 per pack)
estimated 25 extra stones (2.5 per box)

18 presale =
1.8 legends (-1.1)
16.2 epics (+4.6)
54 rares (-31.5)
72 uncommons
72 commons
18 tourney creds

Obviously boxes give you more bulk, commons, uncommons, crafting material. But you get 4x of commons/uncommons long before other cards, so the long term value is its scrap.

Box total essence =
680(uncommons) + 200(commons) + 600(bonus) = 1480 essence, or 148 per box.

Pre sale total essence =
244.8(uncommons) + 36(commons) = 280.8 essence, or 15.6 per bundle.

Now, lets break down what you get from a box and 1.8 pre sales (both gem value of 180). Keep in mind these are averages

Box = .29 legends, 1.16 epics, 8.55 rares, 148 essence value, 2.5 stones

1.8 Presale = 1.62 epics, .18 legends, 5.4 rares, 28.08 essence value, 1.8 tourney credits (convert to about 9 gems, or 9k).

Now to figure out the gold value of this. I'm going to value rares at 10k, seems reasonable, slightly more than what you paid for a rise premium rare pack (10k - about 1250 essence value). I'm going to be generous with epics and value them at 100k average, and legends at 400k average.

1 box = 339,700 gold value + 2.5 stones (not placing an exact value on stones, their value is only short term)
1.8 pre-sale = 301, 212 gold value

So the box gives you about 12.78% more value, with these value and odds assumptions. Not too much difference, considering the bulk you get with boxes. If you want epics more than legends, or just want to eliminate the chance of getting screwed (2 pre sales are 2 guaranteed epic+, as opposed to 1 guaranteed from box), then the pre-sale could be a good choice. Boxes will give you a better jump start, in terms of being able to craft Tribes cards quicker, and get commons/uncommons/rares/ legends quicker.

Long-term, the hardest thing to get is playsets of epics, which also means the 'value' of a Tribes pack will hold longer when you prioritize epics. For example, when you have 1 copy of a legend, whenever you pull it again, its only worth about 34k gold of scrap. You need 4 copies of an Epic for it to be reduced to 11250g scrap.


i can craft epic card for 600essence.
well,there will be tribe stones,am i right?


Yes, there will be Tribes stones.

If you only care about legendaries, then I'm almost positive that boxes is the choice you want.

I wasn't posting just to answer your question, but to answer questions in general about value in the pre-sale vs boxes.

Yubar09's picture

Thanks for the calculations, you rock lev. Being that I'm not really a crafter I might focus on presales..not too sure yet


i feel the dragon is cool but its effect is something useless since putting 2 dragon at the same time is something that dont happened very often unless you use a egg deck, each dragon cost at least 4 mana (thats only the small one), must commonly 5 mana so i dont see that effect very effective in meta game and he is an epic so i believe it should be something like 4 damage to a creature and 2 to player that would make the effort and risk worth it OR leave it as he is and make it a 3/4 or 4/4 dragon

Mumu's picture

Voracious Wyvern seems like a pretty solid card , it has great damage potential with eggs (like you said) and don't forget that you can always Hurl and Brawl if you need empty slots , combine that with the fact that the V.Wyvern is unblock-able (don't forget being a monsters means it can attack/defend) and the right hero (Baha. perhaps) and you can do devastating damage to the enemy. Not to mention some cards that let you copy other cards , granted they cost lots of mana and some of them might not get the benefit of on enter effects.

Dr.Bojangles's picture

Also don't forget about alisten. She can drop a dragon whelp for free but yea at 3 hp for 5 mana i see this card suffering the same fate as firespout.


I agree with the reference to firesprout. Everyone runs fireballs/lightning bolts except mystical. This is why 2/3 hp creatures at 4 mana or above are disliked unless they are untargettable or archmage or have on enter effects that are worth playing. Since it's epic and it should be better than deathless wyvern at least put an extra hp on the end of it. 3/4 for 5 is a common eve vanilla, why cant an epic at least follow that trait. I know it can be buffed by so many cards/abilities but I need more cards that can dodge fireballs that are high mana for my tank deck since everyone and their mother runs haste/ direct damage spells. Of course it will still be taken out by smother but I can live more with a 1 mana deficit than 2. I know you devs can still change where needed so bump it up by 1hp to make it worth using. It is 'epic' after all.


I agree it needs to be at least 3/4

Dr.Bojangles's picture

Hell i would take it at 2/4


This is a balance issue prevalent throughout the game, that extra health is much more valuable than attack, because it makes the difference between actually having that 4-6 mana creature on the board.

And you buff their attack so they become a mortal threat, anyways.

Grrwaaa's picture

So before you jump on the "this card needs a buff" bandwagon, can I just point out that there is this eve uncommon for 2 mana called a whelp egg. Its a "Dragon Egg." When it hatches, it hatches into a dragon. So... 2 of those plus hatch (or titan stomp.)

Viebator's picture

If you are suggesting that the best place for a Wyvern is an egg deck, well then welcome on the bandwagon! :-)

Dr.Bojangles's picture

Nah I wasn't agreeing it needed a buff... it's still ahead of similar cards for the cost. It's just a balance issue that 2/4 makes something very playable, while an x/3 needs lots of reasons to be in your deck.