Announcing: Kingdoms Arsenal

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Announcing: Kingdoms Arsenal

The Arsenal is a small 35 card mini set broken into seven smaller bundles, one bundle for each kingdom. It's release is to to bridge the gap between Rise and the next set. The next set will be the biggest set we have done by far and will require extra testing and development time, so we decided to add more cards to the meta in the mean time!

Each Arsenal bundle will be released as a 5 card kingdom specific set (one a week, rotating weekly) purchasable for 59 Gems. Those 59 Gems will net you two rare and three uncommon cards. While these bundles run, the cards will be individually available in featured section for gold or gems. Rare cards will be 30,000 Gold (or 30 gems) and Uncommon cards will be 10,000 Gold (or 10 gems).

Once the first cycle of bundle rotation ends, Arsenal cards will start showing up in the rotating singles gold market, be craftable and it will get it's own page in the dynamic market.

The first bundle will be available starting next week. Stay tuned for the first Arsenal preview!